Texas Wants Me Dead

The State of Texas wants me dead
I live in fear of Texas every day of my life
Texas has dismantled and rebuilt me in the image of its anger
Whenever the phone rings, it’s somebody uttering death threats on behalf of Texas
Texas has been planning my funeral since the day I was born
Each time I breathe Texas takes it as a personal insult
Every time a murder is committed in Texas I am directly responsible
Every time somebody commits suicide in Texas it is my fault
I am to blame for every teenage runaway, junkie prostitute and serial killer in the State of Texas since the day I was born
Texas tells me that I belong on Death Row without an appeal
They won’t even give me a goddamn lawyer
Texas has already signed my Death Certificate but refuses to pay for the funeral
I’ve tried to negotiate but Texas hates the sound of my voice and won’t let me speak
Texas has gone to great lengths to neutralize my semen. It was the only weapon I had left
Texas has isolated my DNA and will try to stop the same mistake from happening again
The State of Texas will not rest until I am dead and there is nothing I can do about it