Always Exaggerate Your Accomplishments

Always exaggerate your accomplishments.
Learn new ways to finance your sex drive.
Run around screaming in your underwear.
Be a legend with empty words.
A dollar store magician.
Get off on mindless repetition.
Adopt a sewer rat disposition.
Shake a homeless person’s hand.
Look all sexy in a dog collar.
Practice bondage to avoid a personal crisis.
You cool ass muffin stud kinda guy!
Tell your girlfriend to keep hitting on me.
Enjoy a heartless moment.
Find a new motive for your vacant messiah.
Experiment with deviant thought output.
Adapt or face an ugly extinction.
Master the art of progressive redundancy.
The news anchor is talking to you.
Cheat death or let death cheat you.
Don’t get all funky with me yet.
Liquidate all mental assets.
Read carefully crafted trash.
Wonder why you’re in a stranger’s bed.
Play with your belly button until it hurts.
Solve the equation of your survival instinct.
Hold that thought and put it in concrete.
Don’t use your ideas to train corporate executives.
Drop a rose down an outhouse toilet.
Have a panic attack and blame it on Jesus.
Recognize that gambling is also a solution.
Let everything fall apart just before the climax.