I’ll get around to it
It will be done eventually
Soon it will happen
It is a mystery I want to solve
I promise I’m working on it
It needs to get done
I hope I can do it
It might take awhile
There are things that are distracting me
I might need some advice on this
This is an unavoidable situation
It requires a certain amount of focus
Tomorrow sounds good
I’ll keep it in mind
I’ll do it when I feel like it
I’m really good at making excuses
This needs a certain dedication
This is quite a task
It might be more than I can handle
I’m not sure if I can do this
Do I have what it takes?
I’m starting to doubt myself
The outcome is improbable
This is starting to stress me out
Should I make time for this?
How important is it?
Maybe I’m just the victim in all this
It could be somebody else’s problem
Let’s go with that and call it a day

Kevin C. Pearce